Using a Private Jet Card Program for Small Business, Is it Worth it?

Oct 21, 2020
By David Riley

The investment in a private jet card program is a wise investment for your small business. The time and money saved, and the well-being of your employees and the company’s future will benefit tremendously. By choosing the right private jet card program, with Select Aero Private Jet Charter, your business can not only stay relevant, but improve remarkably in terms of employee relations, customer satisfaction, and financial advancements.

The implementation of cost reduction practices is vital to the success of a small business. We cut supply expenses, production costs, and have to make efficient use of time. Are there more ways to save time and money for your business? Think of all the waste incurred when your business travels with commercial airlines. The short notice business opportunities missed when a flight was unavailable. Being unprofessionally late to a prospective meeting, due to a flight delay, damaging the reputation of your small business. There is a solution to these, and many more issues, associated with commercial flights.

Benefits of a Private Jet Card Program for Small Business

Upon learning the perks and benefits of a private jet card program, the monetary investment may at first seem counterproductive to your finances. This, however, could not be further from the case.

Client Satisfaction

Your company’s reputation depends on meeting or exceeding deadlines and promises to clients. With the ability to schedule short notice flights, on private jets that accommodate multiple key staff, you will never miss out on an important business opportunity again. Your clients will be impressed by your attention to promptness and commitment to the business. You can even fly clients on your private jet to demonstrate how serious your business dealings are to you.

Employee Wellbeing

Happy and healthy employees work productively, make wiser decisions, and make commitments to their company. There is nothing that makes an individual less happy than the stress of mainstream air travel. The emotional and physical toll frequent fliers experience is detrimental to employee and company wellbeing. The loud environment, crowds of people, and overbooked flights (with unsized seating), can cause aggravation, stress, and anger, all resulting in unhappy, unproductive employees.

With COVID-19 still, a real concern the risk of exposure in airport terminals and on commercial airlines is still a valid concern for employees that must travel for work.  Flying privately allows your key staff to still visit difficult to reach locations, visit clients when a virtual meeting is not practical, or delivering materials that might be hard to ship or need to be there quickly.

Cost Savings

Private jet card programs save the company air travel time, which is cost saving in itself. You can fly to several meetings, in different locations, all in one day. You could never accomplish this with commercial flights. Having the ability to attend several business ventures in one day makes this investment well worth it.

Privacy and Comfort

One of the most beneficial perks of a private jet card program is the privacy it provides your company. You can conduct meetings with your employees, work on the flight, and speak regarding private business information. All of this can be done in the comfort of a private cabin. This is also a cost-saving by time-saving benefit, as the time in the air is not wasted with stress, but one can continue their work in peace.

The ability to book a late notice flight, arrive in a timely manner, all without the stress involved with commercial airports, is indescribable. Investing in a private jet card program for your small business would profit your company tremendously.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Private Jet Card Program

When pursuing a private jet card program membership, it is important to choose the right private jet card package and charter. Not all private jet charters are created equally. It is important to research each private jet card charter, and the programs they offer, before making an investment.

Cabin Size

Consider the number of people who will, at maximum, that will require seating. Research each program’s policies on upsizing and downsizing your aircraft. Will you need to fly clients, other management, or partners on occasion? Ask these questions and make certain your group size can be accommodated.

Hidden Fees

Other private jet card charters are notorious for misleading customers regarding fees included in their programs. Other than start-up fees, and yearly fees, some even tax on extra hourly fees. Be sure to ask about these fees and avoid being tricked by the fine print

Flight Experience

When purchasing a private jet card program, one expects a pleasant flight experience. This is not the case with all private jet charters. Many charge outrageous fees, yet provide a mediocre, unimpressive flight experience. Ask the private jet charter what is special regarding a flight with their private jet card charter. Check customer reviews online for honest feedback from current and previous clients of the private jet charter.

Short Notice Flights and Availability

The main reason for becoming a member of a private jet card program is the ability to fly when your business needs to travel. Unfortunately, not all private jet charters are able to accommodate late notice flights or provide the jet size you need when your small business needs them. Make certain you ask the charter their policies on short notice flights. This will ensure you chose a package that will successfully handle your business needs.

Why Choose Select Aero for Your Private Jet Card Needs

Select Aero is the best private jet card charter for your small business. We regular communication to ensure a clear understanding of expectations and criteria, with an emphasis on long term client satisfaction, Select Aero soars above the competition.


At Select Aero, we offer fixed rates for our members. We are also fully transparent regarding all costs in our private jet card packages. A Select Aero representative is always happy to share any information pertaining to membership fees.


You will want to have a jet card program that guarantees availability.  That means if you call by the booking deadline, the provider guarantees they will find the right aircraft for you. Also, look for programs that let you cancel on short notice as well. Select Aero has that flexibility if we know that level of service is needed in your jet card program.

Short Notice Flights

You should also seek out a jet card program that can obtain an aircraft in 24 hours or less, in some cases as little as six hours. Booking a private jet on short notice is easy with a Select Aero private jet card membership. Do you need to get to a business venture across the country unexpectedly? You can call us directly twenty-four hours a day for a late notice private jet booking.


Unlike the dishonesty customers often experience with other subpar private jet charters, our company strives to be honest in all dealings with our valued customers. At Select Aero, we understand the importance of trust in a business relationship. Our complete transparency regarding our fees, taxes, policies, and even business and market conditions, make us reliable and trustworthy. Rather than misleading customers into high fee poor experience packages, as the others often do, we strive to make our customers feel satisfied with their investment. We are proud to help our customers understand and evaluate each of our private jet card programs in order to select the right program for your small business needs. These values result in guaranteed satisfied customers of our private jet card programs.


When investing in a private jet card program, one would assume internet access would come standard. This is not always the case. Other private jet charters fail to mention to their customers their lack of connectivity while in flight. At Select Aero, we offer Wi-Fi connectivity and flat-screen monitors to allow for business to continue as usual, even in the air.


Select Aero Private Jet Charter offers a luxurious flight experience. Who says that a business flight needs to be a dull experience? We offer cabins with panoramic views and noise reduction. We even offer private jet programs with personalized exquisite catering options. In this sense, ‘options’ is defined as anything you could desire while on the flight. No request is too much for our team of dedicated employees. Would you like an expensive bottle of champagne after securing a lucrative deal? No problem. Simply request any accommodations you seek, and our aviation team at Select Aero will make it a reality.

Luxury Concierge Service

With a Select Aero private jet card membership, you can choose a program that includes luxury concierge services. We can pick you and your team up at the office, take you to your destination, and return you back safely. Want to celebrate someone’s birthday or have a special theme to the catered meal?  Require specialized catering?  Our concierge team can arrange special touches to make the flight memorable.


Other private jet card charters use middlemen to secure jets, which is not very comforting regarding safety. Pilot experience and training, maintenance, and service on the private jets may be lacking and likely unknown, by the private jet charter. At Select Aero, we have our own arsenal of private luxury jets. We ensure our pilots are experienced and up to date with training.  We also ensure regular, quality maintenance, and monitor all the services that our aircraft undergo.  When we must obtain an aircraft from another operator, we work with those that we have developed positive relationships. This also allows us to ask the tough questions to ensure they are up to date with safety and maintenance protocols, as well as pilot experience and pilot training.

Looking for a trusted partner in private aviation?

Look no further. Book your private jet charter with Select Aero and let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional service and attention to detail.

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