How To Charter A Jet For A Large Group?

Dec 15, 2020
By David Riley

A private jet can cater to large groups of people no matter what the destination may be. Travel plans can be custom-made to address the needs set by the passengers. Not only does a private jet quickly deliver a group of passengers to their city of choice, but it also gives them an experience that they will never forget.

Flying privately is a wise choice for it helps increase productivity without the “airport stress” and it cuts costs by not needing to stay for a night at a hotel. If there are several stops to make, private jets are the most flexible.

For those who want to travel the world in large groups may it be a concerted team, businessmen, or sports players, flying privately is a practical decision.

Flying privately has started to become popular mostly to celebrities and other high profile individuals and it is getting more popular nowadays. Even though this is seen as a luxury, it cannot be deemed highly exclusive as anyone can be the next passenger of a private jet. The question now is, “How can we share the experience and charter a private jet for a large group?

Why Charter a Private Jet If You Have a Large Group?

Chartering a private jet means renting an entire aircraft. Charter flights offer tailored itineraries, often unscheduled and unavailable as part of the routine. This generally speaks that this flight schedule is created just for you.

The experience in chartering a private jet will be more profound as all of the necessary actions will be done by the flight crew members. This includes catering, loading your belongings on board, and any other prearranged services or requests. What’s left for you to do is just sit back and enjoy the entire experience with the best way to fly in style without the hassle.

This is certainly one of the top choices in traveling during coronavirus. There will be no need to travel with crowds of people which increases the risk of transmitting the virus. It is fairly a good alternative for you and your family or your group of associates.

What Are The Benefits  Of Private Jet Charters Over Commercial Flights?

The greatest benefit of flying privately is that you can choose who travels with you on the plane. Privacy will be highly valued if ever there would be a need to discuss confidential business information with your organization. Also, you would be able to choose which cities to fly to which is more convenient than a scheduled airline service which will undergo a process of layovers before finally reaching the desired destination in some cases.

There’s also less friction involved in chartering a private jet because your group does not have to go through the normal security screening process and onboarding protocols. Instead, everyone in your party will depart from the FBO which is a facility dedicated to private air travel. Just drive your vehicle right up to the plane and you’re off to the city of your choice.

Another thing about chartering a private jet is that you are in command of your group’s schedule. It does not need lengthy periods before your schedule to fly gets approved and can be most suitable for group travel. The period always depends on the pilot’s conviction and rules. Some only take around 16 minutes for a booking and take-off record, some allow two to three hours booking in advance before departure, when choosing Select Aero customers are always satisfied with the resilience when it comes to last-minute departures.

Nevertheless, it is much better to book much earlier. Giving a 24-hour notice for a flight is recommended. One of the many other advantages of this is that, if ever there is a change of plan such as going to a different city, extending the trip, or changing the schedule, charter flights are extremely flexible.

Large Groups With Pets On A Private Jet.

Another thing is that several individuals or even groups prefer to travel with is with their pets. Pets such as dogs are generally allowed on board. Just provide all necessary pet passport requirements and your vacation will have more of a blast with your furry companions!

Pets will most likely be placed in an “approved kennel” and notifying the account manager is required.

If you are one of those who dream of owning a jet, flying around through a charter flight on different types of jets will also help you determine which would be most suitable.

Catering For Groups On A Private Jet

Last among the other boons of traveling privately on a jet is that your inflight meals. Imagine your group fine dining at a Michelin-Rated restaurant 45’000 feet above the ground, with Select Aero anything is possible you are never limited with food options. We can cater to your favorite foods from some of the most desired restaurants in the city that you embark from.

Terms Used When Chartering A Private Jet For A Group.

The type of plane will always depend generally on two factors which are budget and number of people. However, chartering flights for groups have many options:

  • Special Event Tours. This is a type that is mainly to attend events whether it be a religious, cultural, social, concert, or other particular events.
  • Single Entity. This is a flight contracted by an individual or company and pays for the entire cost of the charter flight. An example is when a professional sports team charters a plane, the players and the rest of the staff included do not pay for the individual seats.
  • Affinity Charters. This is a flight organized by an organization or by a club. All passengers on board are members of a specific organization and each one pays for his or her fare. This type of charter, however, does not possess the consumer provisions of Public Charters. It is necessary to understand what type of charter flight to purchase.
  • Public Charter. This exists when an aircraft’s operation is contracted by a company or individual to sell seats to the public to and from a destination either directly or through a travel agency.

Once you have determined which among the above mentioned suits the type of travel flight you want, then that is where you start considering the type of jet to charter. Below is a simple table that lists a few of the best type of jets for your flight and some average pricing:

Private Aircraft No. of Seats Average Charter Cost Details
The Bombardier Challenger 350 9 $ 5,000 per hour -Can fly up to 3,000 miles
Beechcraft King Air 350i 9 $ 2,000 per hour


-2-hour average flight

The Gulfstream IV 8 $ 4,000 per person (if all seats are taken) -Flies up to 4,500 miles

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Private Jet For A Group

The price of chartered flights may sound complex, but once you understand what revolves around its nature, you’ll find yourself understanding how reasonable a price offered can be as it will always depend on what you will get considering the best of your interests.

What makes up the cost of a charter flight includes crew fees, airport fees, taxes, and hourly rates. It is significant to be knowledgeable about where your money goes.

Crew Fees. The flight crew, especially the pilots, gets compensated. If a trip requires an overnight somewhere, their hotel fees will be paid by you.

Airport Fees. Airports normally charge fees for receiving, handling, and storing private jets. The costs will vary depending on what airport, type of plane, and season.

Taxes. A 7.5% Federal Excise Tax always applies to domestic charter flights. If it is an international flight, the tax will depend on the country.

Hourly rates. This takes up most of the price as this will consider what type of jet will be used covering as well the fuel, maintenance, and the wear and tear of the jet engine when factored in.

While most travelers opt for the most practical and budget-friendly flights without compromising comfort and other beneficial experiences, it is still important to remember that there are always different price ranges when making a decision and Select Aero can help you find the optimal jet for your trip.

Select Aero Is The Choice Of Professionals and Larger Groups When Travelling.

With the rise in popularity of chartered flights,  many companies fall short of expectations and turn away larger groups of individuals.  Select Aero embraces opportunities to assist groups of people to get to their destinations.  Flying with the people that are close to you will create a memorable experience that everyone will never forget.

Large groups that appreciate the finest experience in private aviation chooses Select Aero to accommodate their every need.  If you need to organize a trip feel free to give us a call and let us help bring you to your destination.

  1. Call us directly at +1-778-285-7977.
  2. Send us an email regarding your interests.

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