Private Jet Management Estimates, Everything You Need to Know About Ownership

Nov 24, 2020
By David Riley

At Select Aero, we understand that our clients lead busy lives. You do not have the time to, or interest in handling legal documents, aircraft maintenance, and other responsibilities required with private jet management. Owning a private jet can be a full-time job in itself. Our team of aviation specialists pride themselves in exceptional aircraft management.

Private Jet Ownership, an Unrestrained Luxury.

Private jets are, and have been, the epitome of luxury. These pleasures, once reserved for the elite, have gained popularity for individual consumers as well. For personal, business, or emergency travel, private jet ownership is a worthy investment. Aside from the initial financial costs, there are also numerous costs and responsibilities involved with private jet ownership. Documents, quarterly and monthly reports, aircraft maintenance, and countless other inconveniences can become a nightmare for a private jet owner/

The price amount of the management fee varies, depending on which aircraft you choose, as well as the number of flight hours. Included in your annual buy-in and fees, a monthly management fee is included. Select Aero Private Jet Charter provides a variety of administrative services that are covered by this competitive fee.

Private Jet Ownership

Chartering private jets can become a massive expenditure. If you rent private aircrafts regularly, even for just 150 hours a year, you may find that jet ownership is a better option. Purchasing a private jet may be beneficial to your company and personal endeavors. There are many options available to purchase and ways to help offset the cost of ownership.

There are many factors that go into selecting a private jet. First, you must choose a make and model of jet that meets your preference. Select Aero has a large fleet of aircrafts, including lightweight jets, midsize jet, large jets, and business jets. Take into consideration how many passengers you will need maximum. Cabin size is an important factor in addition to seating capacity. The jet range capacity is also important to accommodate your flight needs. Light jets are ideal for family, personal travel, and small business ventures. Typically, a lightweight jet will accommodate six passengers. The following chart demonstrates examples of several factors pertaining to jet capabilities.

Jet Jet Length (ft) Height (ft) IFR Range (nm) Cabin Volume (cubic feet)
Hawker (midsize jet) 51.18 18.08 2,111 603.88
Citation Sovereign (midsize jet) 63.48 20.34 3,188 621.54
Falcon 2000 LX (heavy jet) 66.37 23.17 4,000 1024.00
G550 (extra heavy jet) 96.42 25.82 6,750 1670.38

If you are seeking a private jet for your business needs, there are many large business jets available to accommodate your needs. The 550 Gulfstream business jet can accommodate nineteen passengers. This massive luxury jet has over a six-foot cabin height and is over fifty feet long.

For midsize jets, we offer the Citation Sovereign, Hawker 800 XP, and the Challenger 300. Mid-size jets are roomier than light jets and offer closed lavatories. These are the most cost-efficient, comfortable jets for travel.

A more extensive look at various classes, and numerous aircrafts available, can be found on our website.

Operating Costs of Jet Ownership

After spending such a large sum of money, on something as prestigious as a private jet, it is priority to take care of your asset. Private jets, aside from the cost of the aircraft, can be financially stressful to maintain. Customization, insurance, hanger fees, maintenance, crew, and fuel costs can be extensive. Make certain to discuss all of these cost with an aviation specialist to avoid being tricked by hidden fees, fixed and variable costs, and flight hours, for an accurate estimate of your annual costs of private jet ownership. The costs will depend on the size, range, and your specific aviation needs.

  • Customization- The options on additions to your aircraft are endless. Technology, entertainment, and furnishings can add up quickly. Even on a conservative budget one could spend 100,000 to 500,000 a year in upgrades.
  • Maintenance- Repairs and upkeep on a private jet can be expensive. For example, at 423 hours, the Gulfstream GIV business jet costs on average four million dollars a year in maintenance fees.
  • Hangar Fees- Hangar fees are a necessary cost to protect your investment. These fees, on the same Gulfstream GIV, cost approximately $81,000 a year. Depending on where you chose to store the aircraft can also affect the yearly costs.

Why Choose Select Aero for your Private Jet Card and Jet Management Needs

With our experience, unique attention to our clients, and exceptional service, Select Aero is the ideal choice for your jet management needs. If you are still searching for the ideal jet, we have an extensive arsenal available.


All of our aircrafts are thoroughly inspected, and properly repaired by the best aviation mechanical specialists in the industry. We consistently strive to provide safety and security to all of our clients. We will even schedule a test flight, on client demand, or arrange additional technical inspections for added reassurance.


We strive for all of our customers to have a positive financial outcome, in addition to their luxury experience. We do all the financial planning for you and keep you informed. We assist in keeping your costs and spending under control. We even keep watch on the aircraft market to inform you of any potential changes or threats. With Select Aero’s private jet management customers save on several aspects of private jet ownership. A typical Select Aero client saves significantly on:

  • Maintenance Fees
  • Crew Training
  • Fuel Costs
  • Hangar Fees

Select Aero is also licensed with both Transport Canada and FAA to not only manage and operate private aircraft, but we are also maintain licenses from both Transport Canada and the FAA to charter the aircraft we manage.  We also maintain active memberships with key aviation sector bodies such as NBAA, CBAA and Argus Gold. This also shows that our aviation ground and flight crew are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable.

Sales and Marketing

If you fly regularly, but cannot afford to own a private jet, there are options available. Fractional ownership programs are a cost-effective way to save money and have access to private jet luxuries. Typically, private jet charters sell fractional jet ownership at 1/16. You would be allowed to reserve a number of hours with this program and share the aircraft with the other investors.

If you do own, or purchase a private jet, there are ways to help offset the cost of your jet. Private jets are expensive to maintain. With Select Aero, you can rent your private jet to other consumers, we do all the work and negotiations to ensure you receive the best compensation possible. We thoroughly evaluate the market prior to sale and can use formulas to predict possible fluctuations. We also make sure that your assets retain their value and that all profits go to our clients.

We also offer a valuation of your aircraft, to ensure you know the worth of your aircraft, and can seek fair business ventures. We also pride ourselves in our commitment to aiding in our clients marketing strategies. We can create a marketing campaign and provide sales materials. We have on staff the industry’s top negotiators that will analyze and handles all offers with potential buyers. We thoroughly invest our focus, aviation knowledge, and resources, to ensure that the best deal is made and to our clients benefit. At Select Aero, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes in sales.

Monthly and Quarterly Management Reports

With Select Aero’s private jet management services, we keep your documents updated for you. Your documentation stays valid and up to date. And there are no annoying third-party payments, we keep your financial accounts and handle the hassle of monthly & quarterly reports.

Our legal team and financial advisors are here for your aircraft needs. We can construct contracts, registration documents, and handle any legal or administrative matters necessary.


When you are ready to fly, our dispatch team is waiting, we are on call twenty-fours a day to take your calls. We have emergency flight teams ready to deliver you aircraft as soon as the next day. We even have packages that offer luxury concierge service, to deliver you directly to your private jet and back to the office.

In addition to all of these benefits associated with our private jet charter, we also provide unwavering honesty and transparency to our clients. We pride ourselves in our ongoing commitment to be honest with our clients regarding marketing conditions, depreciation, and fee variables.

We Meet Every Challenge of Private Jet Ownership – Call Us Today

Our team of aviation specialists are here and ready to discuss the path to private jet ownership and help with private jet management. We will help you decide the best route of securing a private jet based on your needs and budget. Whether the answer to your specific needs is to continue chartering, invest in fractional ownership, or full ownership, we will walk you through each step of the process.

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