Private Aviation, The Falcon 2000LX Will Dazzle You.

Nov 29, 2020
By David Riley

Boasting a sleek design, spacious interior, more payload, and in less operational costs. The Falcon 2000LX is the perfect combination of luxury, capability, and efficiency. For those who prefer to save time, money, and travel in luxury, this jet is the best in class on the market today.

The Falcon 2000LX series is known for its oversized luxury cabins, speed, as well as incredibly smooth and economic performance. In 2009, Dassault took the popular Falcon 2000EX EASy and added Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) blended winglets.  This increased its fuel capacity by 2,000 lbs, extending its range by nearly 100 nautical miles to just over 4,100 at Mach 0.80 and improving its climb rate by 150 feet per minute. Additionally, the new wing aerodynamics reduce drag by as much as 5% offering corresponding range and efficiency improvements. The winglets also provide an enhanced level of safety by improving performance in the case of engine failure.

Falcon 2000LX Capabilities

The Falcon 2000LX is the best in its class. This stunning business jet boasts the performance of twin engines, which means that the Falcon 2000LX is capable of take-offs from shorter runways. Pratt and Whitney Canada turbofans deliver 5% more thrust per pound of fuel. The innovative design feature of winglets has improved handling, landing, and opened countless opportunities for fliers. There are also numerous interior design improvements that make the Falcon 2000LX a pleasurable, comfortable, and luxurious flight experience.


Fly further and get closer with the impressive 7,410 km range of the Falcon 2000LX that requires 305 m less runway. The shorter runway requirements make it possible to land at smaller airports which can get you closer to your destinations. The incredible non-stop flight range of this jet make it possible to travel between cities, countries, and across the world. To help you better picture this range capability, understand that the Falcon 2000LX can fly from New York to Paris without stopping for fuel.


The Falcon2000 LX has improved from its predecessors with the application of winglets to the design of the aircraft. Winglets increase the range of the jet by 200 nm. The simple wing reinforcement increases the effective wingspan by 2m on each side. These winglets are beautifully blended to the wing. Modified wings provide the jet with increased climb performance and improve upon the range capabilities.

Often listed in the Top 10 lists of various publications, the Falcon 2000LX surpasses its competitors in distance flown and overall efficiency when compared to the Bombardier Challenger 605 and Gulfstream 350 or 450.

The Falcon 2000LX is also the lowest in its class for fuel emissions, making it the best choice for environmentally conscious fliers.


The Falcon 2000LX boasts a cabin height of 1.88 m (6’2”) and a nearly 8 meter-long (26’2”” spacious interior. There are several options for the cabin layout, including forward galley and aft lavatory. Due to the spacious 22 ft long interior the cabin can be divided into two sections. Typically, the forward seating area is configured with four high-quality leather club chairs.

One of  three layouts can be chosen in the aft cabin. The most common layout includes a four-seat conference area on the left side and two chairs facing one another on the right side.

The normal configuration for the Falcon 2000LX is for ten passengers, although can often be found in an 8 seat configuration as well. The cabin space is divided into spacious forward and rear lounge areas. If more seating is necessary for your flight, the cabin can hold up to nineteen passengers.

There is also a countless variety of luxurious interior detailing options as well. Including materials, finishes, and color schemes.

If traveling at night, or a nap is in order, you can also fold two seats into a bed-like sleeping area.

This jet also features a stand-up lavatory which is also customizable.

Safe Air Travel

A Falcon 2000LX has superior handling and control. The display and control features are unbeatable. Pilots can perform their job safely, and efficiently, with the flexibility of operation that LX offers. Pilots are in awe of the ease of take-off, landing, and cruise performance. The cockpit provides advanced avionics systems and numerous applications that improve the flight experience.

The Falcon 2000LX is safe in the most stressful situations. The LX is able to handle icy conditions and impressively designed with maximum damage tolerance. Pilots also rave over the Falcon 2000LX’s fighter jet-like handling.

Operating Costs

The fuel savings obtained with a Falcon 2000LX are astounding. Fliers experience a 5% increase in range and 5% decrease in fuel. The Falcon 2000LX will save you on average 30% off operating costs. In comparison to other jets in its class, the LX costs 15% less to operate an hour than the Challenger 605.

The Falcon 2000LX Experience

The spacious wide-body design, luxurious cabin details, comfort, performance, and efficiency, make the Falcon 2000LX the best business jet in the world.


Comfort is the key to a pleasurable and memorable flight. With plenty of room for seating, sleep, and a noise reduced cabin, fliers enjoy a comfortable and quiet flight experience.


Staying connected while in the air is important. Make the most of your flight experience with Wi-Fi connectivity and flat-screen monitors. Conduct a meeting while in the air, check the weather, or surf the web. The choice is yours and options are endless with the entertainment, technology, and connectivity that comes standard in the Falcon 2000LX.

Why Choose Select Aero for Your Falcon 2000LX Experience?

To fulfill your dream of flying private in a Falcon 2000LX contact Select Aero Private Jet Charter to learn more about your options. You can buy a Falcon 2000LX from our large and impressive arsenal, or charter one for the weekend to sample a taste of the experience and splendor. We have a fleet of aircraft, including the Falcon 2000LX. Whether you need a large business jet, a light jet, or an ultra-light jet, Select Aero has a jet to satisfy your needs.


Select Aero Private Jet Charter also offers unique and client-focused customization for every flight. We strive to provide extraordinary service and will go above and beyond to provide this. We welcome our clients to request catering that is to their pleasure or any request we can fulfill.

We also offer luxury concierge service from the office to your destination and back.


When our clients call us with any questions we go above and beyond to ensure that our answers are to their satisfaction. We value our commitment to our clients by providing any information available that is to their benefit. We believe that our commitment to excellence is what has given us countless satisfied clients. We are always forthright with information on business conditions, market conditions, aircraft information, as well as details regarding our private jet card membership programs.

Private Jet Card Membership

If you are interested in renting a private jet for your business, our private jet card membership can get you in the sky in a luxurious Falcon 2000LX. Other private jet charters are not concerned with values such as a client relationship built on trust. Our private jet card programs offer guaranteed availability, luxurious aircraft, and save you time and money on the flights you need.

Private Jet Management

For those that wish to purchase a Falcon 2000LX, another model of a private jet, or already own one, we can help. We offer private jet management services to ensure that your jet is well-maintained and ready when you need it. Our services include maintenance, handling of documentation, hangaring, and numerous other tasks that are necessary with jet ownership.

You can also choose to charter your jet to other clients when not in use. When selling or chartering we negotiate with the customer to ensure that you reap the maximum benefit in the transaction. We also guarantee that our clients retain the full value of their investments.

Select Aero understands that our clients lead busy lives. Management of a private jet is a full-time job in itself. With hangaring, maintenance, monthly, and quarterly reports, the stress can pile on quickly. Let Select Aero handle the unpleasant hassles that that private jet ownership entails.

Fractional Jet Ownership

If you would like to fly in a Falcon 2000LX often, but cannot afford to outright purchase one, there is the option of fractional ownership. Ownership of the private jet and usage will be divided between the invested clients. Fractional jet ownership allows our clients to reap all the experiences and benefits of flying in the Falcon 2000LX.

Contact Select Aero Today

Call Select Aero today to discuss your options for air travel in the Falcon 2000 LX. With our exceptional service, commitment to client satisfaction, and unwavering commitment to safety and quality, we guarantee your satisfaction.

If you wish to purchase, you must explore our fleet of private jets available to find one that suits your needs. Call us to inquire about our private jet card memberships and jet management programs.

Let us get you into the sky in the luxurious, impressive, and bold Falcon LX 2000. Call us directly at +1-778-285-7977, or email us at and we will respond promptly. We look forward to serving your flight needs.

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