Private Jet Card Programs for The Retired and Adventure Seekers

Oct 29, 2020
By David Riley

After retirement, traveling the world is something you deserve to experience. All those years you spent too overloaded with work to travel for pleasure. Only flying for business or bi-yearly vacations can make the idea of flying seem dull. There is a better way to travel. As an individual who is retired, you now deserve the best experience in air travel. Select Aero is the most reliable, exquisite, luxury jet charter available.

For all of your career, you dreamed of the day you would retire. You exhausted decades of hard work, stress, and simply trying to find a balance between work, home, and pleasure. All your efforts have paid off, retirement is the beginning of a new era, an exciting milestone in your life. What would you like to do with these precious years? After all, you have worked hard to achieve this. You deserve the opportunity to travel, see new things, and meet new people. Perhaps you would like to visit hard to reach unspoiled beaches or explore the history and architecture in Spain? Or, you could experience the countless ecosystems and numerous climates Hawaii has to offer?

Select Aero offers the finest private jets in the industry, endless customizations, and guaranteed availability and satisfaction for our valued clients. With a Select Aero Private Jet Card, you can travel in comfort, privacy, and partake of all the beauty of the Earth. Become a member of our Private Jet Card Charter, and we will fulfill your dreams and exceed your expectations.

Private Jet Card Perks

You spent enough time in life frustrated, exhausted, and annoyed with the stress that work brings. After retirement, your life should be filled with enjoyment, relaxing activities, and only stress-free environments. This includes your aviation experience as well. If you have traveled with major airlines, this probably does not sound possible. Long lines, delayed flights, cramped seating, and endless hours on your feet make commercial airports the epicenter of a stressful experience. After retirement, you deserve a better way to travel, a private, comfortable, and peaceful luxury air travel experience. By becoming a member of our private jet charter, these would be a thing of the past. Using your private jet card, you can travel on a schedule that better suits you and wherever your heart desires, in luxurious comfort. And even bring a friend or two along for the adventure. The perks of membership are endless.


A flight on our private jets is the most pleasant flight experience one could imagine. Our private jets offer controlled noise levels inside our cabins, comfortable breathable seating, and numerous forms of entertainment. We even can set up a bed for a more comfortable sleep so you can arrive refreshed. We also offer an incredible panoramic view inside the cabins.


As part of our Jet Card Membership Program, we offer several bonus services.  Ask us anything you need to make the journey easy and memorable.  It starts the moment you leave home with car transportation but extends to fine dining, in-flight entertainment, Wi-Fi in the air to that special bottle of wine.  Do not forget to let us know what your imbibing preferences are ahead of time!

Once you land, we also can arrange ground transportation – or better yet helicopter services from the airport to the final holiday destination.  Perhaps tour recommendations and arrangements would also be of interest.  For others, it might require a personal driver or security services.  Any atmosphere of accommodation, that is possible within our means, is attainable. We will fulfill your wishes and proudly do so with pleasure.


We offer a variety of luxury jets on the market and provide guaranteed availability. Want to plan a short notice flight for an anniversary or vacation? No problem. We take calls 24 hours a day for flight reservations, short notice is not an issue. We offer many different types of private jets to rent for any occasion.

Light Jets

  • Cessna Citation
  • Phenom 300
  • Learjet 75
Midsize Jets

  • Citation Sovereign
  • Challenger 300
  • Hawker 800 XP
Large Cabin Jets

  • Falcon 2000LX
  • Challenger 604
  • Gulfstream 550
Long Range Jets

  • Global 6000
  • Falcon 8X
  • Gulfstream 650

Problems Never Before Solved with Jet Card Memberships

Other private jet charters are notorious for customer complaints arising from what they see as unexpected or unfair charges, lost hours, and overall subpar flight experience.

  • Connectivity – Unlike other private jet charters, we offer modern resources to keep you connected while in the air. With iPads and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can stay in touch with those you love on the ground.
  • Transparency – Other private jet charters are oftentimes unclear or misleading with jet card membership information. Other private jet charters are known to manipulate the customer into purchasing packages they do not want, need, or that do not accommodate their lifestyle. With different levels of packages, clients can choose a plan that is all-inclusive or one that would include the additional taxes and fees chargeable prior to each flight.

At Select Aero our business mission is to always be transparent with our customers – we believe clients do not need surprises after the fact. We will thoroughly help you gain knowledge regarding each package, what it costs (no tricky fine print fees), and what it entails. We also promise to be upfront and honest with our clients pertaining to our business conditions and the market of private jet charters. We know that honesty, integrity, and trust are important in a successful business relationship.

  • Safety – Other private jet charters expect customers to simply trust their word regarding the safety of their jets. However, at Select Aero, go the extra mile with due diligence to ensure jets not managed by us meet or exceed our stringent safety and maintenance protocols.
  • Routes to Value – Bespoke jet card program that takes into consideration early booking, long or returns trips, needs for sliding departure times (window of up to 2 hours either side of booked time), off-peak rates if you fly when others not, plane interchange (for shorter flights request a smaller aircraft and save).

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Jet Card Program

When you have retired, and long to see the world, you deserve being catered to. Unlike other private jet charters, we welcome your requests and strive to go above and beyond your expectations. We are also transparent in all information regarding our private jet card memberships. In line with our values, we must inform you that there are a few factors that one needs to consider before purchasing a plan.

  • Jet Size – Where do you anticipate most of your travel destinations being?  Do you need a long-range jet or perhaps a mid-size jet is sufficient?
  • Cabin Needs – How many people, at most, would you need to seat? You should always ensure the membership you chose is able to accommodate any number of travelers you may have. If you are considering taking your child and grandchild on a vacation, you would need to make sure that adequate seating is available in the plan you chose. Do you like to travel with your pet?  Do you require connectivity for the entirety of your flight?
  • Costs – Understand all details of costs associated with membership. Does the jet card program also have initiation fees or yearly fees in addition to the cost for the hours you have purchased?  What other fees and taxes can one expect at various destinations? Does it include catering?  Are there additional fees for traveling during peak holidays?
  • Whatever You Need to Make Your Retirement Vision a Reality – Make sure that the program you choose will accommodate all of your travel wishes. Perhaps you wish to share the costs and hours with another couple?  Do not be afraid to ask questions or outline not only needs but your wants.

Why Select Aero is The Best Option for the Retired

You are retired and deserve all the nicest things in this phase of your life. For decades you spent all your time, money, and energy on other individuals at the workplace, and inside your home. These years after retirement should be focused on your happiness. With Select Aero, we ensure that your post-retirement days that are spent on our private luxury jets bring only bliss. Select Aero promises to provide our continued phenomenal customer service, experienced pilots and cabin crew attendants, and superb cabins. We offer the finest jets in the industry, along with the perks and customizations that we provide with pleasure. If you want to experience luxury travel at your command, Select Aero has the right private jet card membership for you. During your retirement, you deserve the comfort, customization, and availability to travel when and wherever you desire.

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