Private Jet Card Perks, What Most Private Jet Charters Offer

Oct 9, 2020
By David Riley

Choosing the right private jet card membership is imperative for reaping the most benefits and perks available in the aviation industry. Not all private jet cards are the same. Some are financially taxing and offer poor customer experiences. Select Aero is the best jet card program regarding price, availability, and perks.

Trip Savvy mentions that airports are becoming a hectic experience for travelers in 2020. Long lines, security checks, baggage claims, all amount to hours of your precious time wasted. There is a solution to the annoyance that conventional air travel causes. Private jet card memberships allow consumers to book a private jet, on short notice, to travel in luxury for business or pleasure. Private jet cards also provide clients with numerous perks and discounts.

Select Aero is the most impressive luxury private jet charter available. Select Aero offers endless perks, the finest jets in the industry, and extravagant amenities. Select Aero is the best choice for jet card membership.

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What Type of Perks Come When Joining a Jet Card Program?

There are many perks to obtaining a private jet card membership. Those who fly often for work or travel can likely benefit from membership. Perks of becoming a member at a private jet charter differ amongst companies. Some common perks include:


The most common incentive for a private jet card membership is the privacy it offers. No cramped airplane seats shared lavatories or other unwanted passengers.


The ability to book a flight quickly, and reliably, is an important factor when choosing which jet card charter to commit. Most companies allow members to book a jet a minimum of forty-eight hours in advance.


The fees associated with jet card memberships vary amongst jet card companies.
Comfort- Unlike Select Aero, not all jet card charters specialize in luxury jets. Some jet card charters offer lesser comfort and poor amenities inside their private jets.

Time Efficiency

Another major perk of private jet card membership is the time-saving benefit that private jet card charters offer. You will no longer waste precious time in airport lines or waiting to board a plane.

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Private Jet Card Perks How to Get Them

Becoming a private jet cardmember and enjoying the perks associated is easy.

  1. Fill out a contact request form on our website.
  2. We will reply within twenty-four hours.
  3. Book an appointment.
  4. Enjoy the perks associated with our exclusive membership.
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Problems That Have Never Been Solved Before with Jet Cards Perks

Other companies do not match up to Select Aero’s perks and benefits. Other jet card charters fail to offer the perks that are standard with our luxury jet card membership. Numerous issues with common jet card charters have contaminated the jet card industry’s reputation. We here, at Select Aero, strive to solve these issues.


Customers, especially those traveling for business, are often let down by other jet card charters’ lack of connectivity. Wi-Fi is expected by customers, and many other companies do not offer this in their private jets. Our private luxury jets offer flat-screen monitors and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow for your work to continue as usual.


When investing in a private jet card membership, our customers deserve the best experience in comfort. Less than perfect cabins inside the jets of other private charters are often plain, uncomfortable, and overpriced. Other private jet charters do not match up to our noise-controlled cabins, technological amenities, entertainment, panoramic windows, and luxurious breathable seating.


Your trust in our private jet card charter to ensure the safety of yourself, family, and/or colleagues is our top priority. Other companies leave customers concerned due to poor experiences in their subpar jets. This leaves the customer wondering how often and professionally they service and maintain their private jets. At Select Aero, we ensure the faith of our customer’s safety remains strong. We regularly maintain and service our private luxury jets to ensure safety for all who travel with us. We will even arrange flight tests at the client’s demand.

Customizable Experiences

Never before has a private jet charter offered the memorable and customizable experience we provide to our clients. No request is too extravagant or unattainable. Would you enjoy a seafood bar during your flight? A romantic flight with Dom Perignon and chocolates for a significant other? If you choose Select Aero for your flight experience, these, and numerous other requests, will be fulfilled by us with pleasure.

Financial Losses

Other private jet card charters cannot ensure that their customers’ finances will stay intact. At Select Aero, we ensure our clients reap all the benefits and maintain the full value of their investments.

Annoyance of Documentation

Other private jet card companies leave you the stress of completing documents, third party payments, and regular reports. We solve this problem by maintaining and keeping your documents validated for you.


Trust has been a long-time issue for other private jet card companies. Business conditions, aircraft information, and other essential information is often withheld by other private jet card charters. We strive to release any information on our clients’ requests and keep a transparent trustworthy relationship.

Variety of Luxury Jets Available

A problem with many jet card charter companies is their limited availability and poor selection of jets for rental. At Select Aero, we offer a vast selection of light jets, mid-size jets, large-cabin jets, long-range jets, and business jets. With an extensive selection of jets available, you are guaranteed to find one that not only suits but exceeds your aviation experience. Some of our jets available include the Cessna Citation, Challenger 300, Falcon 2000 LX, Gulfstream 650, and the Boeing Business Jet.

How to Ask for More Perks with Private Jet Charter Companies?

To ensure that you select the private jet card appropriate for your personal and professional needs, you must ask for perks before purchase. You deserve perks that save you money, time, and energy. You are, after all, the customer. The company you chose should be transparent in disclosing all information regarding their jet card program perks, and information about the jet card charter themselves. If they do not wish to disclose all information and ensure you reap the perks you deserve, you should not do business with a company that operates in that poor manner.

  • Ask about additional financial perks such as how each program is structured. Is the program based on miles, hours, or dollars? How are unused hours handled? You deserve the best perks when becoming a member of a private jet charter.
  • Be bold in your requests for flight experience. As the customer, you deserve full customization of your flight experience. Ask for what conditions you want to prepare for your flight. At Select Aero, you deserve the additional perks, and we will happily fulfill requests.
  • Insist you are satisfied with your luxury jet booking. The additional perk of a private jet charter that is focused on customer satisfaction, is that we will ensure that you can use your private jet card to book the jet size, and model, you desire.
  • We have all been there. Your boss calls, you are on business in Nevada, but your boss needs you in New York two days from now. Or, it is your anniversary, and you need to plan a last-minute vacation getaway. When you need a late notice flight, you need to make certain to ask the private jet company details about their required notice to accommodate your needs. Urgent availability should be an additional perk offered
  • Ask for what is best for you. As the customer of a luxury private jet charter, you deserve the experience you desire. Do not settle for a company with mediocre jets and unimpressive perks. You deserve the best in aviation.

Why Select Aero Is the Best Private Jet Charter?

Select Aero is the best option for all of your aviation needs, We own our jets unlike most fly by night private jet card membership programs and we can guarantee the lowest prices and most pleasant private air travel experiences. We offer numerous perks, a unique customized flight experience, the best safety, reliability, and trustworthy service that our customers have come to expect. We also understand that life brings the unexpected, both professionally and personally. Therefore, we are here twenty-four hours a day for urgent client bookings, clients simply call and request an urgent flight. We handle these as seriously as you do and do our best to accommodate you with haste. Settling for another private jet card charter would result in a poor experience including an unimpressive cabin, inadequate seating, lack of amenities, excess work, and great financial loss. Do not waste your time and energy with other private jet card charters. Select Aero has the knowledge, resources, and drive to provide you with the best luxury private jet experience.

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Enough From Us, Now It’s Your Turn.

Call us today to learn about all the perks Select Aero has to offer. Obtaining a private jet card from Select Aero would be the best decision to save you time, money, and hassle with the other less impressive private jet charters. We are available to chat on our website twenty-four hours a day. You can also fill out the request form and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Select Aero is the only option for luxury private jet travel. We look forward to customizing your next flight and adding you to our aviation family of satisfied customers.

Looking for a trusted partner in private aviation?

Look no further. Book your private jet charter with Select Aero and let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional service and attention to detail.

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