Private Jet Card Disputes What You Should Look Out For

Oct 2, 2020
By David Riley

Private jet card programs allow consumers to book a private jet for business or pleasure. With numerous companies and programs available you can choose a private jet card company that offers competitive benefits that meet your specific needs and expectations. It is imperative that you thoroughly educate yourself on the specifics about your membership. Compare the different jet card companies’ information regarding applicable aircraft, annual and/or hourly costs, and policies.

Select Aero is the best option for your travel needs.

With so many options available it can be an overwhelming and stressful decision. It should not have to be. There are several key points to watch out for when selecting a private jet card company.

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Private Jet Cards

Booking a private jet, with Select Aero Premier, is an investment that guarantees client comfort. Luxury travel for personal and professional flights on your terms. Memberships often offer discounts at their partner businesses. You can also book a flight on short notice. It has never been easier to rent a private jet for a last-minute weekend trip.

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Guaranteed Availability

This is an important provision to compare between companies. Private jet card programs vary on the required notice for booking a private jet. Some companies require as little as six hours, while others can require up to forty-eight hours. It is important to check each private jet card companies’ peak day calendar which can limit guaranteed availability.

Minimum Seating

Ensuring that your membership includes aircraft cabins with adequate seating cannot be stressed enough. Make certain to purchase a program that will allow enough seating for most trips you will take. Be sure to include, spouse, children, and business teams. For example, if a company offers a seat private jet or eight-seat private jet, and you often travel with seven people you would opt for the membership that includes the eight-seat cabin.


This is perhaps the most important consumer factor when determining which private jet card company to choose. The membership you select should cater to your specific flight needs and eliminate the possibility of spending excess money.

  • Initiation Fees – Private jet card companies often charge a one-time fee to start membership. These fees vary among companies. Although, some do offer to waive these initiation fees as a method to attract new customers.
  • Annual Dues – Yearly price of membership
  • Hourly Rates – This is the cost by the hour to rent a private jet. This will depend on the company and the size of the cabin needed. It can also include additional taxi time charges; this can be a costly additional fee. Not all companies charge taxi time billing.
  • Insurance – Memberships require private jet frequenters to pay for risk and liability insurance. When choosing the right company and insurance is important to select the amount of insurance you prefer to ensure safety financially and physically.
  • Minimum Flight Time Charges – Some private jet charter companies require a minimum flight time charge. This means you will be charged for the minimum number of hours listed in their specific provisions.
  • Peak Day Surcharges – An additional surcharge can be charged for booking a private jet on peak days. If you plan to fly on specific holidays, or peak seasons, it is important to check with the private jet card companies’ peak day calendar.
  • Empty Leg Policy – Flying round trip is financially the best option as most private jet card memberships offer round trip discounts for members. One-way trips typically cost the consumer a surcharge for the cost of the aircraft flying back unoccupied.
  • Cleaning Fee – Bringing your pet on your private flights can cost an additional deposit and fee for cleaning.

Pet Policies

If you have pets, this policy is something that needs to be checked before purchasing a private jet card membership. If using a jet broker or managed fleet program, you need to check with the owner to ensure you are allowed to bring your pet onto the private jet.

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Pet Policies

If you have pets, this policy is something that needs to be checked before purchasing a private jet card membership. If using a jet broker or managed fleet program, you need to check with the owner to ensure you are allowed to bring your pet onto the private jet.


Comparing the quality and options available for food and drink amongst the private jet card companies is often overlooked. All companies typically offer light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages with your basic membership. If wanting to upgrade to a more fulling dining experience, with sandwiches and alcoholic beverages, be sure to include this in your decision.


Not all private jets have full functioning restrooms available. Make certain you, and your guests, are comfortable with the lavatory in your private jet before purchasing. Do not be afraid to ask the company for photos of the lavatory.

Pilot Experience

The experience of the operator of the private jet is of great importance. Different private jet companies require varying levels of certification for the pilots. Some require additional training, and all should require two pilots to be present on every flight. Always make certain the pilot requirements are up to standard, and that the company is legitimate.

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Pitfalls of Private Jet Card Companies

Despite the consumer’s efforts to thoroughly understand fees, accommodations, and policies, issues can still arise. These frustrations are often due to company negligence, misleading information, or lack of company ethics.

Bad Customer Experiences with Brokers

Instant booking a flight can seem like a time-efficient option. This has, however, lead to many disputes amongst private jet card companies. Consumers have often been misleading when instant booking into purchasing an inadequate size and poor quality of flight. Private Jet Card companies often fail to list details of the private, including the crucial pilot information. Private jet companies have also been known to trade the jet pictured for a similar, but less quality aircraft. Often by instant booking, you would be forced to pay for your flight before knowing the crucial policies and information regarding the aircraft. Always take the time to ensure you are provided details and policies before booking.

Private Jet Cancellation Policies

This is an area of concern for many consumers. Provisions in cancellation policies provided by the private jet card companies can result in a significant financial loss for the consumer. Thoroughly research the policies regarding canceling your flight, including the required notice and percentage of refund the private jet company will provide.

Arbitration Clauses

It is a poor decision to invest in a private jet card company that requires the purchaser to sign an arbitration clause. Watch for this clause by reading the documents in their entirety before signing or paying for your membership. Signing an arbitration would mean that you are unable to sue the private jet card companies for misleading, misrepresenting, or other wrongdoings. Watch for this concerning clause in your contracts.

Upsizing and Downsizing Jets

This is an important determining factor when choosing a private jet card company. Policies regarding upsizing or downsizing your aircraft vary by company. Some programs do not guarantee you will be able to upsize or downsize your jet, while others charge a fee for the changes.

Program Categories

Private jet card companies offer different programs for your aircraft preferences. Light jets, turboprop, and ultra-long-haul jets are often offered as options for the category. Some private jet card companies allow the customer to choose specific cabin options and jet models. Make certain you understand what each category entails and select the option you prefer.

Cost Disputes

Watch out for misleading information regarding fees that will pay for each trip on your private jet rental. Ask beforehand for details of extra fees. Fixed-rate pricing for flights is the best option for the average consumer, as this allows the consumer to know beforehand all costs that will be incurred during their flight.

Jet Availability

Disputes against private jet card companies regarding the availability of jets are a common issue. Most require at least six hours and to seventy-two hours for booking a private jet. If you know that you are going to need flights on short notice, it is imperative that you know policies on jet availability and notice required for booking.

Lack of Wi-Fi Connection

In our modern world of technology consumers often assume all private jets will offer Wi-Fi connection. This a common misconception and leads to disputes with the company. Some smaller jets do not offer an internet connection. If your business need for internet connection on the flight is imperative, always check with the company before purchasing a private jet card membership.

Unused Hours

Disputes regarding unused hours are common. Compare the policies each private jet card company provides about unused flight hours. Many companies force the customer to void unused hours when they expire. Some company allows consumers to roll over unused flight hours.

Minimum Hours When Using A Jet Card

Sometimes you will need to use your private jet cards for short voyages, for example, Los Angeles to Nevada; a flight that can last less than 40 minutes when catching some tailwind towards your destination. Always do your research and ask private jet charters their policies on short trips because they may not be able to accommodate you or provide fair pricing.

Problems That Have Been Solved Before with Jet Cards

Other companies do not match up to the service of Select Aero private jet membership. Problems with availability, loss of unused hours, and poor conditions of air crafts have all been disputes amongst companies. Misinformation is the leading cause of poor experience.

  1. Consider all your flying needs beforehand, including the number of passengers, policies about pets, empty leg policies, and quality of flight atmosphere.
  2. Do your research on all financial aspects of your investment and compare the costs of companies that fit your flight needs.
  3. It is easier than ever to book a private jet, but do not be tempted to instant book a flight without considering all the aforementioned factors. This includes the pilot, catering, lavatory, and clauses noted in the small print.
  4. Book or Call Select Aero today.

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