Flying Private in a G550 Gulfstream

Oct 27, 2020
By David Riley

It has been said often that there are private jets, and then there are Gulfstreams.  The word itself evokes a sense of something special and could even be regarded a pop-culture icon in itself.  Gulfstream has been instrumental in making air travel one of life’s most pleasurable experiences.

Often, we travel for personal ventures, to exotic locations, to experience the Earth’s natural wonders, or to witness historic architectural beauty. Air travel is also a necessary means of transportation for those in the business industry. Commercial airports are a miserable experience for frequent fliers.

Does time spent in business flights have to be a mundane, uncomfortable, and frustrating experience? Whether your company is large or small, your aviation experience does not have to be stress-filled. You deserve to be treated with an aviation experience of comfort and privacy, that exceeds your most extravagant expectations.  Your flight experience should feel like a luxury retreat amongst the clouds and tranquil blue skies, a short vacation, between destinations. With all the stress, money, and time wasted with traditional business flights, many companies would benefit from a private jet card membership for their business travel needs.

If you are seeking a better way for your company to travel, look no further than the impressive G550 Gulfstream private jet. This aircraft first entered service in 2003, but still remains one of the best offerings in business and private aviation.  Boasting spacious cabins with up to four living areas, these jets are the epitome of luxury. Seating capacity can be up to nineteen passengers, offers three different configurations, and possesses unsurpassed amenities. The G550 Gulfstream private jet is the answer to your business aviation needs. Select Aero private jet operator and charter company that is reliable and customer satisfaction oriented.

Why Choose Private Jets for Your Business Travel Needs?

Once you experience the convenience and efficiency, not to mention the beauty, excitement, and luxury associated with private jet travel, nothing else will suffice.


The quiet, private atmosphere of private jet travel is beneficial to business travels. The tranquil atmosphere is conducive to working even while in flight. Important business information can also be discussed in confidentiality.  It is also conducive to getting caught up on much-needed sleep and rest, something any business executive greatly values with their early mornings and late days.

Space and Comfort

The emotional toll of commercial flying, particularly for larger sized people, is horrendous. Commercial airlines are notorious for undersized seats and humiliation of consumers. Some airlines will even request a heavyset person to purchase additional seats. This is an unethical and disgusting business practice. Aircraft should be tailored to customer comfort. Our clients, and your employees, need not experience this horrific, emotionally damaging experience ever again. Our spacious cabins make everyone feel comfortable.

Increased Revenue

Without the worry of unavailable flights, delays, or cancellations, you will never miss another business opportunity because of distance. More importantly, you can actually attend multiple meetings in a day, or even in multiple locations given the increased flexibility private aviation offers.

Imagine the once daunting task of business flights, becoming an experience you anticipate. Gorgeous amenities, delicious culinary treatment, and comfortable and plush seats with more than enough legroom, all whilst in the air? Your employees, once plagued by commercial airports, will be content, comfortable, and therefore, more productive. Your clients will be impressed by your commitment to your company and your care for your employees.

There are few aircraft more impressive than that of the G550 Gulfstream jet, manufactured in Savannah, Georgia, there were 600 of these impressive large jets constructed by the year 2019. Gulfstream is known as a veteran innovator in the area of avionics, design, and luxury.  These ultra-long-range executive jets possess superior technology, superb performance, and spacious and impressive specifications. These versatile jets possess up to four living areas, depending on which orientation you prefer, and have a capacity of nineteen passengers. To meet demand, and conserve fuel usage, these jets are powered by two iconic Rolls-Royce engines. Space and fuel economy of this aircraft make an incredible investment.

  • Relax. The remarkably quiet atmosphere, inside the cabin of a G550 Gulfstream, is unbelievable. Up to eight people can sleep soundly at any given time, providing travelers with much-needed rest during your flight.
  • Thrive. The G550 Gulfstream’s low cabin altitude provides fresh clean air to all passengers every two minutes.
  • Bask. The panoramic view, from the Gulfstreams signature oval-shaped windows, provides an unforgettable air travel experience.
  • The speed of this remarkable aircraft cruises at an impressive 562 miles per hour. The G550 Gulfstream also has a range of nearly 7,800 miles.
  • You can control many of the features on your cellular phone as well, including climate control, shade adjustment, and access information regarding your flight time remaining and altitude.
The following chart demonstrates how the G550 Gulfstream surpasses other large jets in terms of space and capacity.
Aircraft Model Cabin Height (ft.) Cabin Width (ft.) Cabin Length (ft.) Cabin Volume (ft.) Maximum Weight (pounds)
Dassault Falcon 900 6.2 7.7 41.30 1,270 45,500
Embraer Legacy 600 6.0 6.9 9.8 1,656 49,694
Bombardier Challenger 600 6.1 8.2 28.3 1,146 41,250
Gulfstream G550 6.2 7.3 50.1 1,812 91,000
*All measurements are in feet.

Why Choose Select Aero for Your G550 Gulfstream Flight Experience

Select Aero Private Luxury Jet Charter offers numerous private jet card packages to fit your personal and professional needs. We aim to deliver the best experience, reliability, and privacy.


As we are an operator, you can book directly with our jets, often on short notice.  But we also have close relationships with other operators and charter companies to ensure a jet can be available 24 hours a day.


If you are a member of our jet card program, we offer packages that allow you to easily upsize or downsize your jet based on your current needs. Accommodating a smaller group, or larger company outing is of no issue for Select Aero. We offer numerous aircraft from light to midsize, and business size jets.


Private Jet Brokers are notorious for misleading their clients into packages that do not fit their lifestyle, or that have costly fees in the fine print. We believe that honesty, loyalty, and integrity are key components to a successful business and client relationship. Therefore, we strive to always be upfront, honest, and assist our clients in choosing the best private jet card package for their business, or personal needs.


We understand the caution surrounding flights with a new charter. Other charters use third-party vendors, which means the jets may not be regularly serviced, and therefore unsafe. We perform regular maintenance on all of our private jets, we also possess the records for your assurance.


Our private jets are the epitome of luxurious comfort. The experience of our luxury private jets is like no other. Noise reduction cabins, panoramic views, impeccable lounge areas. This is an experience you need to enjoy, to genuinely appreciate.

Unsurpassed Customization

What really sets Select Aero apart from the competition, is our above and beyond mentality. We strive to impress our customers, anticipate their needs, and make their flight dream a reality. We will complete any custom request for your flight within our power. This includes meal catering requests, your choice of beverages, setting up a bed for much-needed reset, or even a romantic setup in the beautiful night sky for a special someone.  We look to add the special touches that show we value our clients


Having internet access is a vital part of the business. Most people falsely assume that their private jet card membership, and selected aircraft, will offer WiFi connectivity. Why would it not be included in the price of rental and membership? This is a misleading, and unethical shortcoming, of many other private jet charters. We ensure that our clients, especially those on business, are well equipped with the internet connection, monitors, and technology they need.

Contact Select Aero Today

At Select Aero our team strives to provide a remarkable aviation experience. Our customer commitment, honesty, and desire to go above and beyond for our customers, is what is at the root of our success. Select Aero promises to provide exceptional service, 24 hours a day to our clients. You deserve to travel in the luxury and comfort of the unmatchable G550 Gulfstream private jet. The tranquil experience in an awarding winning private jet, combined with our accommodations and attention to detail, will provide you with truly unforgettable aviation experience.

Looking for a trusted partner in private aviation?

Look no further. Book your private jet charter with Select Aero and let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional service and attention to detail.

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