1947 de Havilland Mosquito DH.98 Mk35

Step back in time and delve into the remarkable history of the 1947 de Havilland Mosquito DH.98 Mk35, an iconic aircraft that played a vital role during World War II. Equipped with Rolls Royce engines, this warplane is a testament to engineering prowess and innovation. The Mosquito DH.98 Mk35, known for its exceptional speed and agility, was primarily used for reconnaissance, precision bombing, and ground attack missions. Its wooden construction, a rarity among aircraft of its time, allowed for a unique blend of strength, lightness, and speed. This page offers a fascinating glimpse into the legacy and impact of this historic aircraft, paying homage to the brave men and women who operated it in the defence of freedom. Join us as we explore the unforgettable story of the 1947 de Havilland Mosquito DH.98 Mk35, a true aviation legend.

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  • Rolls Royce Engines
  • Name of Engine: Two Rolls Royce Merlin 113/114 Piston Engines
  • Four engines were originally on hand, two from CF-HWL and two from XB-TOX
  • 9,298.64kg (MTOW)
  • Historic rated performance: 668 km/h at 28,000 ft (historic spec)
  • Wingspan: 16.51m (historic spec)
  • Height: 5.31m (historic spec)
  • Length: 13.56m (historic spec)
  • Crew: 2: pilot/navigator
  • Basic Silver dope coat
  • WW II RCAF Markings
  • Complete aircraft, partly restored to airworthy status
1947: Taken on Strength, Royal Air Force
1948: Stored at 22 Maintenance Unit, RAF Silloth. TSN 15.50 hrs
1954: One of five Mosquitos sold by the Air Ministry to Spartan Air Services
1954: Ferry permit from RAF Silloth to Derby for refurbishment by Derby Aviation for Spartan Air Services.
1955: Underwent repairs and ferried to Prestwick.
1955: Ferried to Canada by Peter Noch & Jock Buchanan.
1955: Arrived in Canada, at Goose Bay, Labrador. Customs value $2,250 including 2 engines worth $750 each.
1955: Certificate of Registration issued to CF-HML. Modified with camera installation, door & portholes for camera operator, etc. behind the bomb bay.
1955: Certificate of Airworthiness issued. Valid only for Aerial Survey.
1959: Converted to dual controls for use as a pilot trainer by Spartan.
1962: Last Certificate of Airworthiness. TSN 515. 10 hrs. Grounded three months later. Final Flight
1963: Last Flight under Ferry Permit from Fort William to Ottawa, Ontario. Ending with TSN of 616.06 hrs and 312 flights for Spartan. Parked at Uplands Airport.
1966: Purchased by Don Campbell for the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, Kapuskasing, Ontario as a restoration project. Fuselage structurally rebuilt.
1967: CF-HML de-registered.
1979: Transported by land to Mission, BC for ongoing restoration by Mike Meeker and the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation. Meeker recovered another Mosquito MK. 35 XB-TOX from Mexico City as source parts for CF-HML.
1981: C-FHML marking reserved for Mike Meeker’s Anglo American Cedar Products, Ltd
1983: Both aircraft transferred to restoration buildings at Bob Yunie’s farm, Matsqui, BC. Grants provided under the Canada Manpower Community Recovery Program, enabled the Canada Museum of Flight and Transportation (CMFT) team to continue work. The CMFT Team included Bill Merrikan, Ron Bestward, Mark Mohan, Mark Fortune, Wayne Manning, Brian Weeks, etc.
1983: Featured in Flypast Magazine. Described as a CMFT project and expected to be flying by 1986.
1984: Wing completed and mated to fuselage.
1985: Progress slowed as funds ran out, with aircraft still requiring most mechanical, hydraulic and electrical items.
1986: CMFT cleared to solicit funds for the Mosquito Project. The Mosquito Project garnered interest from local airline pilots and financiers in Eastern Canada. CMFT Summer News letter appeals for funding and sponsorship for the Mosquito Project.
1986: Purchased from Don Campbell, by Ed & Rose Zalesky, Surrey, BC.
1986: Airplane Supply Centre, held by the Zalesky family reimburse CMFT $4, 670 for disbursements by CMFT on CF-HML
1987: CMFT Directors advised that the Zalesky family now owns CF-HML.
1988: Moved from Matsqui to the new Zalesky storage site in Surrey, BC.
2000: Purchased and stored at Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, BC. Moved to Victoria Air Maintenance, Pat Bay, for completion of restoration.
2009 – 2014: First flight at Pat Bay, now registered as C-FHMJ, with pilot Steve Hinton took place on 17 June 2014.

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