Gulfstream 650

Redefining Luxury and Speed in Private Jet Travel

The Gulfstream 650, more commonly known as G650 is “the biggest, fastest and overall best private jet that money can buy” according to Business Insider. Innovation and excellence defines G650. It accelerates business by traveling at near the speed of sound and thus cutting down the traveling time taken by other jets in the long-range category.

Specs at a glance


7000 nautical miles


0.90 Mach


51,000 Feet


11 – 18

Ease and Comfort

11 to 18 passengers can relax in the jet’s spacious cabin and enjoy breath taking view through 16 panoramic windows. Talking of breath, the G650 has the lowest cabin altitude of any business jet and replenishes 100 percent fresh air every two minutes. This makes flight less tiring and more comfortable. A convection oven, large ice drawers and fitted storage for flatware and crystal are excellent for an ‘at-home’ like dining experience. Handcrafted leather recliner or retreat to a private stateroom completes the feeling of eternal bliss.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

High-speed connectivity, internet options, two multichannel satellite communications systems, a wireless local network that provides onboard printing and phone service are a few amazing features that keep you connected while on your flight. Dual media servers, high-definition video source equipment and a cabin audio system also keep business on track. Cherry on the top is the Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS), which synchronizes with Apple iOS or select Google Android smartphones and tablets to provide touch-screen control for temperature, lighting, window shades and entertainment options.

Space and Baggage

With 195 cubic feet of usable baggage volume, the G650 offers more space than any other purpose-built business jet. It can easily accommodate 12 to 14 golf bags, 14 suitcases and 12 to 14 pairs of skis.

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