Gulfstream 450

Efficiency, Elegance, and Endurance

The Gulfstream jets stand for cabin space, speed, range, and reliability. The Gulfstream 450 or G450 fully reflects all these standards. G450 is designed to make transcontinental and transoceanic flights enjoyable.

Specs at a glance


4350 nautical miles


0.80 Mach


45,000 Feet


10 – 14

Ease and Comfort

G450 comes fully equipped with a high-temperature oven, microwave, and full-sized sink with hot and cold water, cooled storage, two coffee makers, and an optional espresso machine. Custom made cutlery and storage space for the dinner service makes it ideal for long range travel. The jet is retrofitted with temperature control system and entertainment offerings like DVD players, LCD screens and headphones.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

The Gulfstream 450 boasts of ultra-high-speed internet through trademarked Broad Band Multi Link system. This means travelers can surf the Internet, send and receive email, monitor the stock market or perform any other web-based task at the same speed as found in most corporate offices.

Space and Baggage

G450 has ample space to store 10 golf bags, 10 suitcases and 10 pairs of skis within 169 cubic feet baggage area. The area is accessible in-flight and in addition to that there are two full-length closets for coat storage, located inside two fully-enclosed lavatories.

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