Global 6000

Unmatched Performance and Comfort in Long-Range Jet Travel

The Bombardier Global 6000 provides the best combination of speed, range, field performance and ride quality in the long-range jet category. This jet allows you to have a sound sleep as well as conduct board meetings with equal ease. You just need to pick your priority.

Specs at a glance


6150 nautical miles


0.89 Mach


51,000 Feet


10 – 14

Ease and Comfort

Four individual seats with leather upholstery, dining area, entertainment center, private area with sofas that can be converted to beds are all designed to provide ultimate comfort to the passengers. Luxury bathrooms and galley complete with stone worktops convert the plane to personalized apartment. The advanced wing design, reimagined interiors and more cabin space than its peers in the same category, results in a smooth and comfortable flight.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

The cabin is equipped with a several of 24-inch HD televisions as well as Ka-band high-speed internet making it easy to conduct video conferences. Live streaming and online video gaming are entertainment benefits of this high-speed internet. With multiple data package options available, you can select the right speed for your needs. You can pair up your favorite mobile device with ease and place it on the universal tablet holder to seamlessly control the cabin experience from your seat. Comfort and tech come together in this model by Bombardier.

Space and Baggage

The jet provides 195 cubic feet of baggage area with easy in-flight access to the baggage compartment. Approximately 30 standard size bags can fit in the space along with tradeshow equipment, ski and golf clubs.

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