Falcon 8X

Remarkable Blend of Innovation, Efficiency and Luxury

The Falcon 8X is another impressively innovative offering from Dassault. It is ultra-long range, fuel efficient and exudes French luxury and comfort.

Specs at a glance


6450 nautical miles


0.90 Mach


51,000 Feet


10 – 14

Ease and Comfort

The Falcon 8X maintains the cabin altitude at a comfortable 3,900 feet range while cruising at 41,000 feet, resulting in fresher air and less jet lag after arrival. Whisper quite noise levels can be maintained at as low as 49 decibels depending on selected configuration and finishing materials. More cabin area, more leg space, three-lounge cabin with shower aft and a grand galley for multiple meals are just a few amenities that make your travel comfortable.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

In addition to high speed Wi-Fi you can also get Skybox™, the wireless media server with vast iTunes video and music capacity. The Falcon Cabin HD+ cabin management system gives you control over your environment from anywhere in the cabin, using your Apple® devices. There’s even an app that lets you call up a virtual moving map of any area around you by simply pointing your iPad® in its direction. The Falcon 8X represents in-flight technology at its best.

Space and Baggage

142 cubic feet baggage area is not only large but even efficiently shaped. Approximately 13 average size suitcases can fit in the space along with golf bags and skis.

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