Challenger 604

Unparalleled Comfort and Spaciousness

The Challenger 604 is another impressive offering by Bombardier. With the most capacious cabin in the large cabin category, this intercontinental business jet is designed to provide comfort and tranquility to its corporate passengers.

Specs at a glance


3756 nautical miles


0.73 Mach


37,500 Feet



Ease and Comfort

The Challenger 604 offers six feet of headroom and a flat floor that’s just over seven feet wide. Cabin can be set up in a combination of club, divan and individual seating arrangement. The jet maintains ease of business through amenities like Ethernet-based management system, larger video monitors, sturdier worktables and LED lighting. It is designed in sync with sensibilities of elite travelers.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

The Challenger 604 supports optional high-speed connectivity for e-mailing and web browsing. For entertainment, it enables features like video on demand. If video conference on flight and uninterrupted connectivity with land is your key requirement than this is the ideal jet for your flight.

Space and Baggage

With 115 cubic feet of storage space, the baggage compartment can hold up to 16.4 bags assuming your average piece of luggage is less than 5 cubic feet. 8-10 golf bags, 12 suitcases and 8-10 pairs of skis can easily fit into this space.

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