Challenger 300

Designed for Convenience and Efficiency

The Challenger 300 is a spacious and fuel-efficient jet in the super mid-size category. It can accommodate eight passengers comfortably with adjustable seats, tables, and power outlets. It also features low heat lights and air conditioning for a smooth journey.

Specs at a glance


3065 nautical miles


0.83 Mach


45,000 Feet



Ease and Comfort

In terms of comfort, The Challenger 300 is at par with its peers in this category. It easily fits eight passengers in the cabin. Seats are usually arranged in a double club configuration but at times three of them can be swapped out for a 3-person divan providing a more casual environment. Passenger seats are fully adjustable, have fold-out tables and individual AC power plugs to keep you comfortable and charged. Low heat lights and air-conditioning are additional features that make your travel smooth and ease.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

The Challenger 300 is powered by 4G Wi-Fi network that leads to a seamless transition from boardroom to flight cabin. Telephone connections, cabin speakers, display screens and PC video inputs are few other facilities that ensure a thoroughly connected and tension free business travel.

Space and Baggage

Spacious aspects of the jet extend even to its baggage area. The 106 cubic feet of baggage can be stored in this jet. Means you can easily carry 5-8 golf bags, 8 suitcases and 5-8 pairs of skis. This exterior baggage compartment is accessible in-flight through the fully enclosed lavatory. That’s not it, a forward luggage closet can be added to store more luggage.

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