Cessna Citation XLS

The Perfect Fusion of Flexibility and Comfort

The Cessna Citation XLS is one of the best-selling private jets of all time. It provides flexibility of a light jet with the comforts of a mid-sized jet. It is perfect for shorter trips of three hours flight time with a max range of 1,400 miles in optimal conditions.

Specs at a glance


2080 nautical miles


0.64 Mach


43,000 Feet



Ease and Comfort

With the capacity of eight passengers in a cabin and details like fold-out tables, sliding headrests, Cessna Citation XLS makes flying comfortable. Indirect LED lighting inside the cabin gives a more natural feel, produces less heat and lasts longer. Two air conditioning systems ensure that the cabin remains comfortable, even in the most extreme outside temperatures. The XLS possesses excellent handling capabilities, reliable systems, and delivers smooth and quick flights. It can easily fly in and out of small airports.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Most standard and updated Citation XLS planes have Wi-Fi connection in their cabins. On a business trip, you can stay connected with your team mates and be ready for a conference call while flying. While traveling for leisure, access your Netflix account or watch streaming videos to have an even more enjoyable flight. There are speakers and individual video monitors throughout the cabin, universal power outlets at every seat and telephone service. There are real-time maps and flight tracking facilities to monitor arrival time.

Space and Baggage

More than 18 feet in length, the cabin provides ample room for passengers. It also features the largest baggage compartment in its class. The compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with some additional space in an internal closet. It is spacious enough to fit 4-6 Golf Bags, 7-8 Suitcases and 4-6 pairs of skis.

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