Boeing Business Jet

The epitome of world class luxury

Boeing Business Jet or BBJ dominates the ultra large business jet domain. It brings the best of commercial aviation into the world of private aviation sector. Chartered by major world governments and top world organizations, BBJ is an epitome of world class luxury and is the only one that resonates with best of the best business minds around the globe.

Specs at a glance


6270 nautical miles


0.69 Mach


41,000 Feet



Ease and Comfort

BBJ is a luxury apartment in the sky. Its cabin, with more than 5000 cubic feet of space, is highly customizable and is usually divided into a board room, a lounge, a VIP bedroom, a business office and two lavatories with showers. Passenger controlled lighting, audio/video and window blinds are all possible with the ease of an iPad remote control. With seating for 16 and sleeping for 10, BBJ offers comfort even to those taking a red eye flight. The noise level in the room during flight is just 48 decibels — on par with a quiet suburban home. With facilities of ultra-high-end linens, robes and slippers it brings together the luxury of a five-star, comfort of home and unique attributes of private jets.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Wi-Fi, satellite communication phones, Direct TV and blue ray are just a few of the facilities that connects the passengers of this top of the class jet even while flying 41,000 feet above the ground. Business delegates and government officials can efficiently conduct conferences, meetings and calls aboard this jet.

Space and Baggage

525 cubic feet of baggage volume provides ample space to accommodate 90 suitcases of about 5 cubic feet. BBJ is spacious by design and same applies to storage and luggage compartments.

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